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Citizens Of Pakistan,Pakistan's Army, Pakistan Peoples Party and Specially Mr Bilawal Bhutto;
Without Any Violence Let Me Tell You That Pakistan Will Never Get Kashmir. This Is The Truth. You Have To Accept It.
This Site Is Hacked Because
Years Of Injustice And Misbehavior And Bloodshed From Kashmir In India By Pakistan.
Big Numbers Of Indian Websites Including Government Are Being Hacked By Your Cyber Brothers.
Its From The Very Begining Pakistani Cyber Hackers Are Doing What Even They Should Not Think!
India Loves Muslims And Islam But India Always Hates Pakistan.From Indian Cyber Space Still Now You Don't Get Any Massive Reply That's Why You Are So Confident Right?
Well, Its The Limit You Crossed.Have You Ever Thought How Pathetic And Vicious It Will Be A Day Without Electricity? How Pathetic It Will Be For Pakistani Citizen When They See, All Of Their Cash In National Bank Of Pakistan, Bank Of Khyber, First Women Bank, Sindh Bank, Allied Bank Limited,Askari Bank Etc. These Banks Shows 0 ?
It's Time To Kick Out You From Cyber World.
"Wait And See What We Are Up To..."

Special Fuck To : Pakistan Haxors Crew,Kashmir Cyber Army,Team Cyber Warriors


Crew Members:- ||Z3R0_1DENT1TY || CY83R_P1R473 || @CR45H_0V3RR1D3 || SARATHSPS || K@&7#!k || 1NV1SBL3_HAX0R || 134N3R || CRYSTAL BLOOD

Greetz: All Indian Hackers And Hacking Crews

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